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FREEDOM PARTY [Freedom] In The News 2019

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30 Dec 2019 08:55 PM

Serious Accident On The Sucker Garden Road

SUCKER GARDEN, Sint Maarten – The Traffic Department was alerted to a serious traffic accident that took place on the Sucker Garden road on the evening of December 28th 2019 around 09.45 pm.
Personnel of the dispatch received a call that the driver of a black Suzuki jeep, travelling from Freedom Fighters
Roundabout towards sucker-garden lost control, veered to the left side of the road and collided with another white truck travelling in the opposite direction.

The driver of the Suzuki jeep and a passage who was on the back of the truck suffered some minor injuries.
The victims were both treated on the scene by paramedics and then taken to St Read more

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27 Dec 2019 10:17 AM

Victorious Living To Launch H.A.P.P.E. Life Pilot Program At St. Maarten Academy Psve In Partnership With: Dutch Representative & Dr. John Beiter

EBENEZER, St. Maarten – “Violence and other forms of inappropriate behaviours have become a growing concern and challenge in our society and particularly in our schools. This situation is seriously affecting the performance and output of our students. As such there is a need for urgent intervention to curb this situation which has been growing into a crisis of untold consequences,” stated Dr. Erna Mae Francis Cotton, visionary of Victorious Living.

To curb this growing trend, Dr Read more

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