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Source: Today SXM
18 Mar 2015 07:09 PM

Ava Airways Representatives Meet With St. Maarten Civil Aviation

GREATBAY –  “St. Maarten needs airlift. The island cannot be dependent upon North American traffic anymore…” This is according to Olivier Arrindell, Chairman of AVA Airways.

Recently  Arrindell and The President of AVA Airways Giovanni Atalita presented AVA Airways plans to the Ministry of Transportation, Civil Aviation and Economic Development, “One of our main objectives is to learn from the past and to propose a bold new direction for commercial aviation in St. Maarten Read more

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Source: Today SXM
05 Nov 2014 10:17 AM

Lakes Book Is Catalyst For Debate On St. Maartens Future

St. Maarten – USM will be hosting a presentation on “Six 4 nine” a book by local author Jose Lake on November 6 from 7:00 to 9:00pm in the USM lecture Hall. This will be followed by a panel discussion.

In his book “Six 4 Nine,” local author Joseph Lake Jr. champions independence as the main solution to the problems of Country St. Maarten and Collectivité St. Martin. He argues that being colonies is not in the interest of the people who live on the island.

“A patriotic book is a cry, a critique, and a challenge; it tries in these three tonalities to convey the author’s prophetic opinion on the current state of his society Read more

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Source: Today SXM
25 Sep 2014 01:36 PM

Tourist Bureau Embezzlement Investigation: Roorda, Labega And Richardson Called To Testify One More Time

St. Maarten – Bas Roorda, Regina Labega, Lisa Koffi, Frans Richardson, Hiro Shigemoto, Alex Richardson, Miguel De Weever and Keith Graham will all be heard at witnesses at the request of the attorney of Edward Dest, the former head of marketing at the Tourist Bureau who is standing trial on charges of embezzlement.

Judge Koos van de Ven adjourned the trial to an unspecified future date but ruled that it will have to take place within six months, considering that the charges refer to fact dating back to 2009 and also considering the defendant’s health.

The court rejected the request to hear other witnesses, like Lasana Sekou and Sherry Hazel, because it is not clear how hearing these witnesses would benefit the defense.

Dest is a suspect in an investigation into abuse of a Chase-bank account in New York that was set up by the government to cover the expenses for its New York based Tourist Bureau office Read more

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Source: Today SXM
18 Aug 2014 05:17 PM

Level Of Political Debate Shta Mixer Disappoints

St. Maarten - The political mixer organized by the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) at the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Hotel began with a disappointment when the leader of the United St. Maarten party did not show up. Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams, who was expected to attend, was also absent. Five parties were represented: NA (Rodolphe Samuel), UP (Miguel De Weever), DP (Roy Marlin), SRP (Jacinto Mock) and OSPP (Lenny Priest).

Parties first got the opportunity to explain in broad strokes what they stand for Read more

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Source: Today SXM
12 Aug 2014 11:22 PM

Dp Removed Campaign Material In Belvedere, But: Roundabout Billboards Remain An Issue

St. Maarten – The police had to intervene and in the end, the Democratic Party yielded and took down its oversized political billboard at the Belvedere roundabout on Friday. Chief Commissioner Peter de Witte said that officers had checked the situation on Thursday and concluded that the billboard stood – as was obvious to everyone except the Democratic Party – on the roundabout.

On Wednesday, party-leader and Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams still declared that the situation did not fall within the description of a roundabout Read more

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