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Revan And St. Peters Youth Spruce Up Basketball Court

Source: 721 News 11 Oct 2022 09:30 PM

ST PETERS — Businessman and Basketball Coach Khalil Revan and the United St. Maarten Party ((USP)) are hard at work with the young people in the district of St. Peters as part of Revans Protecting our Children project and the (USP)s Break the Cycle Campaign.
This past weekend Revan and the boys on the block in St. Peters tackled the St. Peters basketball court by revitalizing it with new coats of paint and a general clean-up of the area. It didnt sit well with Revan that children of the district had to utilize the court in the state it was in. So he rounded up some guys and got to work.

Revan said the cooperation of the guys to upgrade their own district was very important for them to realize that they do not have to wait on anyone or any entity to come together for a good cause. If we involve them and give them a chance, they will succeed, Revan said, adding that he is proud of his organization which showed true community engagement through their actions in St. Peters.

The work doesnt end there for Revan and the (USP), the intention is to do more in the district and possibly others in terms of upgrading community areas. Every little possible action counts and it keeps our youth positively active and engaged. We cannot underestimate how much these hands-on activities in communities can positively influence a young persons mindset or trigger a willingness to serve and give-back, Revan said.

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