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Minister Of Vromi Seeks Legal Advice On How To Deal With Mp Implicated In Alegria Case.

Source: SMN-News 20 Jul 2022 02:49 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- Acting Minister of VROMI Ardwell Irion in response to questions regarding the letter that was released on Tuesday implicating a member of parliament in the Alegria court case that ends up in court.
SMN News asked the acting Minister of VROMI who is a member of the Council of Ministers said that he is aware that the Minister only last week received the letter that was part of a file for a court case and he is looking into all options on how to move forward.
Irion said that the Minister is also seeking legal advice when he was asked if there are hard evidence implicating the now Member of Parliament who was the head of domain affairs.
On Tuesday Minister of VROMI Egbert Jurendy Doran said in a radio interview that he believes that the motion that the PFP faction in parliament wants to table has nothing to do with the Ombudsman. He said that the MP who is presenting the motion is implicated in the Alegria case and since he not going along with issuing the promised water rights to Alegria he is being targeted.
Doran said that should government issue the water rights to the resort then it will affect over 1300 persons. The Minister explained that Alegria wants to construct a dock in the Beacon Hill area. If a dock is constructed over there then they will have water taxis and all other water transportation activities from that end of the island. When that happens then taxi drivers, bus drivers, and other persons holding transportation licenses will be affected.

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