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Minister Of Vromi Toothless Shark At Nv Gebe.

Source: SMN-News 13 Jul 2022 01:17 PM

~ Ministers were not appointed shareholder representatives by PM~

PHILIPSBURG: --- Ministers such as the Minister of VROMI Egbert Jurendy Doran and the Minister of TEATT Roger Lawrence can be considered toothless sharks when dealing with government-owned companies. These two ministers were never appointed shareholder representatives of the government-owned companies, as such Lawrence for the Princess Juliana International Airport or the Harbor Group of Companies and Doran for NV GEBE.
Ministers that are not appointed shareholder representatives cannot execute decisions taken by the Council of Ministers. These powers remain solely with the Prime Minister.
At the Council of Minister's press briefing on Wednesday Minister Doran who has been heavily criticized for the decisions, he took regarding NV GEBE confirmed that he was never appointed as the shareholder representative of the government-owned company.
Doran was asked several questions in writing by SMN News regarding the controversial contracts that were signed by the CEO and COO candidates of NV GEBE and to date, no responses have been given. Asked about that on Wednesday he said that the Council of Ministers have decided-on Monday that the Supervisory Board of Directors for these government-owned companies would have to answer questions relating to the operational matters of the company. Doran further explained that the Council of Ministers is seeking legal advice on which of the questions that were posed to him can be answered.
The Prosecutors Office in their report already indicated that NV GEBE did not cooperate with their investigation pertaining to the March 17th cyber attack and as such, they were unable to determine who the perpetrators were or what caused the black byte cyber attack.

Egbert Jurendy Doran mentioned 1 time Corner Stone Solutions NV