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Pfp Intends To Submit Motion Of No Confidence Against Minister Of Vromi.

Source: SMN-News 29 Jun 2022 05:11 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- Leader of the Party for Progress (PFP) leader Mellissa Gumbs in her address to parliament indicated that her faction intends to submit a motion of no confidence against the Minister of VROMI Egbert Jurendy Doran.
Gumbs in her presentation to parliament in round one explained the reasons that her faction has decided to such the motion. She referred to the report submitted on the Systemic Investigation on the garbage contracts tender process.
The MP said that based on the contents of the Ombudsman report it can clearly be seen as bid-rigging, especially with the contents of the Terms of Reference for the tender.

PFP MP Raeyhon Peterson said the Minister operates a Gestapo management of the Ministry of VROMI. He said civil servants that do not do what the Minister wants to get a warning letter. He said there is blatant nepotism since he has issued land to friends and family while securing contracts for persons within NV GEBE.

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