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Driver License Examiner, Vks Gun Controller Not Suspended After Causing Fatal Accident.

Source: SMN-News 28 Aug 2021 01:10 PM

~ No advice sent to Minister of TEATT informing him that the civil servant is under investigation. ~

PHILIPSBURG: --- The civil servant and VKS gun controller and officer Charles Samuel who caused the fatal accident on L. B Scot Road on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 is still on active duty and not suspended even though the police has started an investigation into the deadly accident that left Simpson Bay resident Jason Peterson dead.
Based on research conducted by SMN News it turned out that the driver of the SUV that was involved in the accident is the brother of Minister of Education Rodolphe Samuel.
Besides having a brother in the Council of Ministers, the driver is also a civil servant that works at the Ministry of TEATT at the Drivers License Department and is responsible for conducting the driver's licenses examination on St. Maarten.
Police said in their press release that the driver caused the accident when he turned left on L.B Scott Road to enter Emilio Wilson Park. What police did not say is that drivers are not supposed to turn left to enter Emilio Wilson Park since there is a straight line on that road. The traffic ordinance that all drivers are obliged to respect was violated by the driver license examiner, yet the Department head Lucien Wilson and the Secretary-General of TEATT Miguel De Weever did not send advice to the Minister of TEATT Roger Lawrence who took office on Thursday recommending that the civil servant be placed on suspension since there is an active investigation.
Ever since the accident took place persons in the community have been vocal on how the case has been handled by police. Many are questioning why the driver and his son were not detained that evening and a blood or urine sample for alcohol was not taken. Many have been comparing the case to that of former Minister Miklos Giterson who was convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing a fender bender accident. Some went as far as comparing the accident to that of the brawl that involved now Member of Parliament Raeyhon Peterson and his father that landed both men behind bars.
St. Maarten police are forced to use ancient measures to see a driver is under the influence of alcohol because the outdated traffic legislation does not include the use of breathalyzers.

Persons within the community have been wondering if the Police including the officer that has been suspended on Thursday were trying to cover up or taint the investigation with sloppy work or if there is any form of nepotism taking place knowing who the driver is. It is therefore incumbent on the Prosecutors Office and the Secretary-General of TEATT Miguel De Weever to set the records straight since the life of a young man was snatched away.

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