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The Decolonization Noise.

Source: 721 News 11 Nov 2020 02:54 AM

Endorsing the comments and observations by Sarah Wescot Williams and Melissa Gumbs regarding all the noise about De-Colonization, I ask Grisha Heyliger, Rolando Brison, George Pantophlet and all other noisemakers: What, according to your coalition, are Governments immediate plans to:

1. Fix the potholes in our roads;
2. Get more controle over COVID19 by using mass testing, tracking & tracing;
3. Finalize repairs of SXM residents house-roofs damaged by Hurricane IRMA in 2017;
4. Tell us about their efforts to repair our schools and re-arrange our educational system, so all the students now left behind can receive a decent education;
5. Introduce the Minister of TEATTs ideas to stimulate the economy
6. Fast-track the repairs and refurbishment of the SXM-Airport (PJIA) with the highest degree of urgency, so it can be fully operational by the start of Winter Season 2021;
7. Find stimulus funding to offer moms & pops the opportunity to re-start their small and medium sized businesses that were destroyed by IRMA and the PANDEMIC;
8. Reach agreement with the Kingdom Government, who (up to now) seem to be the only real game in town when looking for guilders, euros, dollars and cents to keep us afloat.

Instead of wasting precious energy playing the Smoke & Mirror game in their efforts to keep our attention off what REALLY matters at this time, it would be refreshing if the MPs would respond (nicely and informed).

Happy SXM Day to you too!!
Michael J. Ferrier

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