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Remote Controlled Bureaucracy, Debases 1648 Treaty Of Concordia.

Source: SMN-News 06 Aug 2020 06:28 AM

PHILIPSBURG:--- PPA leader Gracita Arrindell states that the border blockade is being used increasingly as an instrument to control the free movement of our people. Once that Genie is out of the bottle its hard to put it back in. Theres a sea of difference between a border-blockade and border control. Whichever the case, both measures seriously hamper the internal free movement of people and goods as proclaimed in the over 300-year Treaty of Concordia.

We support the many voices that call for the overturn of this latest Paris mandated ad hoc- decision. Inadvertently, this issue has now been elevated to an international level given the latest twitter rant by the current President of the USA.
Mr. Trump took the Prime Minister of the Dutch side to task for closing the border to Americans.
The complaint regarding the border closure for Americans belongs in France with President Macron, and the Netherlands Prime Minister Rutte. While the elephants fight our grass (St. Maarten- St. Martin ) gets trampled.
It is no secret that France and the USA have always had a love-hate relationship. Who can forget the silly French-freedom fries pseudo-war between the two countries; said Gracita

Gracita states: Constant changes to this policy for one to visit or go home on either side of this 37 square mile territory underscores the unfair and unjustifiable nature of this measure. The Prefecture in St. Martin takes orders from Paris and implement their instructions and leave the island. Au revoir! Good-by Charlie! We suffer the consequences. Going home or visiting friends and families or keeping appointments without first providing a test is mandatory. August is traditionally the period for storewide sales for most businesses in the North and now this too has been compromised. This is making a very bad situation worse. What now?

Arrindell continues: the present discussion is not whether we should become one island. More importantly, is to acknowledge that we may be two countries in one island but we are one island in heart and spirit and we must think like one.
Its about what steps can be taken locally to overturn and prevent ill-conceived decisions are taken thousands of miles away by bureaucrats who may or may not understand us and may or may not have our best interests in mind for the future? Some steps the government in Philipsburg can consider are :
1. a meeting based on a clear agenda held as soon as possible with the local French side authorities aimed at reopening the borders. The local vacant position of a French- Dutch liaison officer should be filled soonest. This candidate must be knowledgeable of the issues, tasked with a proactive (mediating ) role.
2. the Department of Interior and Kingdom relations that resort under the Prime Minister can play a key and active role in these discussions between Philipsburg, Marigot, Paris, and the Hague. The office of the local representative for the Dutch government as represented by Mr. Chris Johnson can serve as the center for diplomacy and discussions on this urgent matter.
3. Parliament must have a meaningful and prominent role other than some members voicing their opinions on this matter outside of Parliament. The Treaty of Concordia must be an urgent agenda point. The results of this meeting will carry more weight in the Hague and Paris and around the world when prepared and executed correctly.

Gracita concludes: our economy depends on over 70 percent of American-based tourists. Having health screening policies in place that protect both our local residents as well as people from other tourist destinations is in order. Making decisions in Paris or the Hague that negatively affects our way of life as a People is outright wrong.

Defending the letter and spirit of one of the worlds oldest Treaties is worth fighting for.
Let us think of the next generation and put the proverbial genie back in the bottle for the next 372 years. Its time to cut the remote-control bureaucratic red-tape hampering our free movement. Remove those container barricades and keep your hands off our Treaty of Concordia.

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