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4 Covid-19 Related Deaths On St. Maarten, Two Within One Day.

Source: SMN-News 03 Apr 2020 03:48 PM

~ Isolation facility and beds secured, total shutdown pending~

PHILIPSBURG:--- The EOC on Dutch St. Maarten announced on Friday that four (4) COVID-19 patients have died, two of which passed on Friday morning, so far there are 23 confirmed cases, most of which are males that are being confined at home.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs and head of CPS Eva Lista De Weever have called on residents of St. Maarten to stay at home and avoid risking the lives of others.

The CPS head said her department is busy tracing to see who the infected persons have been in contact with in order to ensure those persons are tested. De Weever pleaded with the community of St. Maarten to stay at home and not go to the hospital in the event someone has symptoms. She said 914 should be called and persons with symptoms should begin self-isolation immediately.


The Prime Minister said that the total lockdown will soon be implemented on St. Maarten as the National Decree was sent to the Governor of St. Maarten and she will be announcing when the total lockdown will take place. Jacobs said people have been calling for a total lockdown and that it is coming shortly. She was when the Landsbesluit is signed off she will be announcing when the lockdown goes into effect.

The Prime Minister also warned that persons that had the privilege to receive confidential information on the patients that were tested positive COVID-19 virus have shared it on social media. Jacobs said an investigation will take place because the culprit who leaked the patients confidential information has breached patients confidentiality and also created panic within the community which she said is punishable by law and those persons will be hearing from law enforcement.

Jacobs said the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte has guaranteed St. Maarten will be receiving 12 medical beds and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be arriving on Saturday, April 4th. Jacobs said the intention is to place 6 of the beds at SMMC while the other 6 will be placed in the pavilion she said the decision on placing those beds rests with St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC).

The Prime Minister also announced that St. Maarten secured a location for quarantine and isolation of patients that are not respecting the isolation guidelines. She said that persons that are a threat to the community will also be moved to the location within the coming days. Jacobs was very stern when she said that patients that are not respecting the restrictions with regards to isolation or confinement will be moved forcefully if the need arises. She said the government has the law in place to ensure and remove persons that are a threat to society.

Jacobs said that persons that are allowed on the road have been idling when they go to the supermarkets or other places that they fill in the form for, therefore the government has to implement more stringent measures since the social distancing is not being respected.


Jacobs called on everyone to beware of cyberattacks she called on government workers that are working from home to be extra careful and not compromise the systems. The Prime Minister said suspicious emails should not be opened while information should also not be shared.


The Prime Minister said that COVID-19 patients that have passed away will be buried as of international guidelines. She said that those persons will either have to buried underground or cremated. Jacobs said that so far Cul de Sac cemetery no longer has underground plots for burial, therefore those persons who do not have underground burial spots in another recognized burial ground will be cremated.

FOOD Supply.

Secretary-General of the Ministry of TEATT Miguel De Weever announced that food supply to St. Maarten has been guaranteed by suppliers, however, he noted that his Ministry is busy monitoring the United States and Florida that has a number of COVID-19 patients. De Weever said that the suppliers guaranteed St. Maarten that in the event of delays other shipping routes will be used therefore there is no need for hoarding and panic buying.

De Weever called on employers to monitor their employees and to ensure that sick employees do not report to work. He also called on the employees not to venture out to the workplace should they have symptoms of the COVID-19.

Chief of Police Carl John also issued a warning to persons that are not respecting the restrictions such as the curfew and travel restrictions. John said lawbreakers will be fined and risked being arrested.

The EOC called on residents to stay at home, those that are supposed to stay in isolation should follow the guidelines in order for St. Maarten to get a grip on the spread of the COVID-19. In the meantime, the Department of Communication is doing its best to share all information to all mediums while they have prepared flyers in four languages that are being distributed throughout the community.

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