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People Progressive Alliance: The Voters Have Spoken.

Source: SMN-News 13 Jan 2020 12:10 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- People Progressive Alliance (PPA) leader Gracita Arrindell, stated: following the outcome of the January 9th snap elections, we offer our congratulations to the parties that obtain one seat or more in Parliament. The electorate has spoken, and its time to focus on the peoples business.

We look forward to the incoming Members of Parliament and new Council of Minister to continue working on pending core issues including much needed electoral reform that doesnt tolerate any more delays.

Most importantly, we need political stability and continuity in government.

Arrindell said: on behalf of our candidates and our board, we take this opportunity as well to thank all our supporters and well-wishers for their vote, for their encouragement, and their belief in the policies and programs we offered comprising our vision during this brief election period. PPA message has always been about real change and real evolution for our island. We did our best. Regretfully our message has fallen short.

Gracita concludes: our board, candidates, and members will meet this week to review the election results. It is our sincerest HOPE that this New Year will be marked with less politics and more focus on our people. Rest assure that PPA remains steadfast in our vision, which is to make a lasting positive difference in the lives of our people and generations to come.

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