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TEATT gas measuring tanks still in Curaçao

Source: The Daily Herald 23 Jun 2015 06:23 AM

PHILIPSBURG--Controls by the Inspection Department of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication TEATT are hindered because the measuring tanks – used to ensure gas stations are operating within the parameters set by government – have been in Curaçao since last year.

The concern was shared on Monday by Member of Parliament (MP) George Pantophlet via press statement. The situation was confirmed by The Daily Herald on Monday through Government sources.

Pantophlet said in an invited comment that, according to a trusted source, the situation had not been rectified up to "this month."

He recalled TEATT Minister Claret Connor relaying at the beginning of this year during a budget meeting at Parliament House that the tanks were in Curaçao for repairs as of late 2014. "This means no controls," which are supposed to happen quarterly, Pantophlet said.

It is unclear whether there are alternative methods of testing or checking and, if so, whether these have been used instead. This could not be confirmed through the source.

Inspection Department head Lucien Wilson could not be reached for comment. Questions have been sent to the Inspection Department, Minister Connor via the Press Secretariat and TEATT Secretary-General Miguel De Weever.

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