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Is it really the signing of the Integrity protocol why Minister Richardson must go?

Source: SMN-News 16 Jun 2015 06:22 AM
style="text-align: center;">Is it really the signing of the Integrity protocol why Minister Richardson must go!
I can imagine all of those voters of last election holding their head and bawling with shame knowing that they put this government in place. Don’t blame the politicians, blame yourself. You knew that if you put the same leaders back in office you could not have expected different results than what we are getting today.

Philipsburg:--- Many persons have not being paying much attention to the back and forth discussion regarding the establishment of an Integrity Chamber, especially not those ordinary citizens who are unemployed and those others who can’t make ends meet because of the high cost of living. They would have preferred to see our elected and appointed officials put more energy in those issues that affecting their daily lives. Nevertheless, integrity on the island has been at an all-time low and seems to be getting worst every day. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we establish this Integrity Chamber and try to root out the corruption that exists in government for so many years. But somehow our elected officials have not learned from previous mistakes and continue to want to put their hands in the cookie jar.
It is very surprising to hear that the US Party is calling for the head of the Minister of Justice because he signed a protocol and didn’t inform the party. It is not the first time that a minister has signed a protocol if my memory serves me right. It is my understanding that the Chef de Cabinet of the Ministry of Justice is a member of the US Party. Where was this Chef de Cabinet when all of this was going down? Didn’t he have any knowledge of this document and wasn’t he part of the delegation that travelled to the Netherlands to negotiate this protocol? If he wasn’t part of this delegation to negotiate such an important document then the US Party has no one to blame but themselves. How can you be a Chef de Cabinet of a ministry and not be part of all such important negotiations that are taking place within a ministry? Now, we know for a fact that in many cases persons that supported a party or were on a list are rewarded with positions in government. But we HOPE that that is something of the past and that there appointments have to do with their capabilities to take this country to the next level. Nobody should be placed in a position just for their looks, they must be able to contribute and be respected by the minister in charge.
The OSPP is demanding that the US Party come out and tell the people the truth why Minister Richardson must go. Is it really because he signed the protocol, nothing unusual about a government signing such a document? It has been done by a previous minister before on behalf of the government? Doesn’t the parliament of St. Maarten have the final say to approve or disapprove the changes that would have to be made to the law? If those changes to the law are not approved by the Parliament of St. Maarten then how can the content of the protocol be enforced? It is rumored that the US Party wanted the minister to place a section of the Ministry of Justice in a particular building under construction? Is this true? And if yes, which building and why? How much will be the rent for this building?
But where do we go from here? Our Prime Minister has indicated that if a vote of non-confidence is tabled against the Minister of Justice it would mean that there is no confidence in the entire Council of Minister. A very strong statement from an appointed official, but to make this statement he must have had the support of the leadership of the UP party that put his name forward to become Prime Minister. While some of the members of parliament of the UP are speaking out against the statement of the Prime Minister, when push comes to shove all of them will fall in line including the US Party. It is not about what’s best for St. Maarten; it is what is best for their pockets and to hell with the people.
St. Maarten, an Integrity Chamber is long overdue, we need it now. Let’s root out corruption for once and for all.

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