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Choose To Challenge: LetS Work Together For An Egalitarian World

Source: SMN-News 26 Mar 2021 09:12 AM

On Saturday, March 27th, 2021, from 6:00 pm, BPW Concordia SXM in collaboration with BPW Barbados and BPW Dominica, will be hosting a discussion under the theme:  CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE: Lets work together for an egalitarian world

 The objective of this event is to bring men, women, and various organizations from the Caribbean together to discuss gender equality and other forms of discrimination. 

 Our objective is also to create a unified platform to help foster partnerships between various organizations across the Caribbean that will help promote progress in achieving an egalitarian world.

The panelists include (in alphabetical order of first names):

 Ms. Abigail Christmas, Founder Perfect In My Own Skin organization (Dominica)

Mr. Anderson Langdon, Head of Family Planning (Barbados)Ms. Cassandra Richardson, Co-Founder Wild Flower Institute (DSXM)Mrs. Danielle Chance-Glasgow, Founder United Womens Book (FRSXM)Mr. Fabian Sargeant, President of the Mens empowerment network support group to champion the cause of men. (Barbados)Ms. Hlene Micot, President of Soroptimist and Le Manteau (womens shelter FRSXM).Ms. Lyndell Danzie-Black, Managing Director of Cerulean (Guyana)Mr. Phoenix Belfield, Economist (Dominica)Mr. Ralph Cantave, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Advocate (DSXM)Ms. Ramona Riley, President of Prominent Womens organization (DSXM)Ms. Shara Edwards, BPW DominicaMs. Silveria Jacobs, Honorable Prime Minister of St. MaartenMs. Valrie Damaseau, Honorable 1st Vice President of the Collectivit of St. MartinMs. Vanessa Fraser, Director Safe Haven organization (battered womens shelter)

 Persons can join us via Zoom using the following connection information:

 Registration Link:

Meeting ID:                      814 5214 3857

Passcode:                         735678

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