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Two Stories Of Morales Featured In Bnk Children Year Book 2020

Source: SXMIslandTime 15 Oct 2020 07:24 PM

Here it is, published right on time before the start of the yearly childrens bookweek inCuraao.

The Biblioteka Nashonal Krsou (BNK) recently published this ‘Gift book’ for the Children Book week 2020. This year around, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the authors will not be visiting the schools during the Children Book week, which will thankfully take place from 26th to the 30th of October. There is a different protocol this year.

Authors were asked to send in a video about their work as a writer, the books that they have published, and to read a paragraph out of their works. During the book week, children will be encouraged by the authors to read more.

The gift book is entitled ‘Krsou, un pasado riku’/’Curacao eenrijk verleden’ and is in Papiamentu and Dutch and is illustrated by Ariadne Faries. The english title would be: Curaao a rich History’. The book is full color, hard covered and has in total 15 stories.

Author Loekie Morales has been granted two stories to be published in this unique edition with several historic events. These stories are written from the perspective of children, participating in these historical events.

Morales stated in a press release I am super happy and grateful that the Biblioteka Nashonal Krsou has honored two of my stories to be part of this unique Gift book’ for the Children Bookweek 2020.

Definitely my ‘Willemstad on Fire’ about a revolt in Curaao and ‘The Collapsing of Queen Juliana bridge’ are fitting the criteria.

While the books will not be for sale, Morales will encourage the BNK to at least send some copies of this valuable book to the libraries of the other Dutch Caribbean Islands, since they share for a great part the same history.

pictures of this years Gift book for the Children book week 2020.

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