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Emmanuel Clears The Air, Wants Coalition Mps To Sign Allegiance Document.

Source: SMN-News 13 Jan 2020 12:57 PM

~ Says UPP have always been the demise of the NA, UPS was his preferred choice.~

PHILIPSBURG/MARIGOT:--- Member of Parliament Christophe Emmanuel broke the silence on Monday on the  "Straight Talk" on SOS radio hosted by Fernando Clark.
Emmanuel said his main concern for not signing the coalition agreement was because he has questions regarding the loyalty of coalition partners.
The UPP has always been the demise of the National Alliance, Emmanuel said.
Emmanuel further explained that the UPP has always undermined the National Alliance government, while the United St. Maarten Peoples Party ((USP)) was his preferred choice. He said five years ago the (USP) gave the National Alliance an opportunity five years ago enabling them to govern.
Emmanuel said over the years, the United St. Maarten Peoples Party ((USP)) who stood by them over the years. Emmanuel said that the National Alliance never got an outright majority at the polls and its the (USP) that stood beside them in every government. Emmanuel said he has some fundamental differences but assured that he will work with the newly elected MPs on the UPP slate.
Emmanuel said that his party the National Alliance (NA) did not want to have a discussion with the (USP) even though they gained two seats in parliament.
The National Alliance MP said that he wanted his party to practically weigh their options because this year they are stronger with six seats.
With the (NA) and (USP) we would have 8 seats, that is also a majority. I already saw a 10-seat majority collapsed and for me, the (USP) has been there for the (NA) and it was only correct for them to weigh their options. We have never tried the (NA) and (USP) alone and I think it is time to try the two parties that stuck together.
Emmanuel said if the 9-member coalition partners want his support on the coalition agreement, they would need to sign a document that would guarantee the coalition partners would not jump ship or dissolve the government. He said that this document will have at least five points, which would guarantee a four-year government. I need the coalition partners to sign a pledge to the people of St. Maarten that they will not throw down the government or jump ship. The elected members of government pledge allegiance to the King or Queen but they never pledged to the people of St. Maarten.
Emmanuel said he did not leave the National Alliance and he has no intention of leaving his party because his party never throws down the government. He assured that even if he does not sign the coalition agreement he is not leaving the National Alliance.

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