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Tuesday’S Results Of Endorsements Of Political Parties

Source: Soualiganewsday 09 Aug 2016 06:43 PM

POND ISLAND - On August 8th 2016, the representatives to the Central Voting Bureau of nine (9) political parties have submitted the list of candidates of their respective political parties. As per article 23, paragraph 1 Electoral Ordinance, the lists would need to be endorsed on August 9th 2016, between 09.00hrs and 16.00hrs with an amount of signatures equal to 1% of the valid votes casted during the last Parliamentary Election.

The requisite amount of signature is 146. Those parties that have obtained 1 or more seats during the previous Parliamentary Election are exempted from being endorsed, as per paragraph 4 of the aforementioned article.

Below, please find the result of today’s endorsement:

Political PartyEndorsement  UPExemptedHOPE66SMCP221OSPP150PPA165SDM191DPExemptedUS PartyExemptedNAExempted

On Friday, August 12th 2016, the Central Voting Bureau will meet to examine the lists that were submitted and shall also take note of the endorsement list of each political party that needed to be endorsed (Article 28, paragraph 1 Electoral Ordinance).

All parties will be informed on Monday, August 15th 2016 regarding the findings of the Central Voting Bureau and if there are any omissions that need to be remedied.

Political parties having one or more omission will be granted a period to remedy said omission.

In accordance with article 30 Electoral Ordinance, there will be a public meeting in which the Central Voting Bureau will decide upon the validity of the lists.

People's Progressive Party [PPA] mentioned 0 times
United St Maarten Party [USP] mentioned 1 time
One St Maarten People Party [OSPP] mentioned 1 time
St. Maarten Christian Party [SMCP] mentioned 1 time
Helping Our People Excel Association [HOPE] mentioned 0 times
St. Maarten Development Movement [SDM] mentioned 0 times Corner Stone Solutions NV