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Minister Connor and others thanked by Dominica Coach of the Senior Female Soccer Team for Assisting Stranded Group

Source: SMN-News 15 Sep 2015 06:22 AM
>PHILIPSBURG:---- Minister Hon. Claret Connor has been thanked by Dominica Coach of the Senior Female Soccer Team Kenneth Esprit, for the hospitality rendered by the community of Sint Maarten to the group who got stuck in transit from the Dominican Republic to the Commonwealth of Dominica on the day that Tropical Storm Erika passed near the country.
One of the team members lost five family members.
Coach Esprit in his email message to Minister Connor states: “Allow me therefore, to express my deepest gratitude to the various persons and institutions who played their parts in ensuring that we were cared for and able to ensure we reunited with our families in this time of crises.
“First and foremost, allow me to five thanks to Almighty Yahweh for his continued blessings, strength and protection during this time. Thanks to Minister Claret M. Connor of St. Maarten who did everything possible to make sure that the players feel comfortable during their short stay.
“Your support during this time has not gone unnoticed because we all hold you so dear to our hearts and you will remain in our prayers.....Thanks for the gift of friendship and thanks giving!! To Dr. Lloyd Richardson and his beautiful wife Mrs. Richardson, your warmth and loving hearts has touch in more than one way....thanks for opening your hearts to us and gifting us with your loving friendship.....
“To the Dominican Association in St Maarten we applauded each of you, guys like Lloyd Paul, Shanka Serrant, Steve Leblance, Rohi, Esther Warrington....You guys were champion to the causes and showed tremendous love and support to the girls.
“To the DFA executive membership, I commend each of you for quick response and commitment shown to the players during this time....The Staff of the Paradises Inn in St Maarten we thank you for your patience and understanding....,” the email letter from Coach Esprit said.
Minister Connor on Sunday said that the assistance provided by others and himself was part of the humility and humanity that exist in helping others in times of need.
“We are and forever will be a ‘one Caribbean people’ and as such we take care of our own. Our brothers and sisters in Dominica had been struck by an act of nature. The soccer team were on their home, and were faced with the reality of what had transpired. Sint Maarten rose to assists and everybody who assisted had a role to play in helping our brethren. It’s all part of us in helping others, because we have had our own experiences with nature and also received assistance and help in return.
“I encourage the people of Sint Maarten to continue praying for the recovery and sound rebuilding of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The countries leaders and professionals have a task at hand and I am certain they will rebuild better and stronger,” Minister Claret Connor said on Sunday.
The soccer team numbered 25-strong.

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